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5 Questions to Ask CMN at 2018 World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo

5 Questions to Ask CMN at 2018 World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo

Are you a cannabis company, doctor, producer, educator, or consumer attending World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo this week in Pittsburgh? We hope to run into you to dialogue about patient cannabis in education.

Where to find us: You can find us at booths 204 & 206 at the Expo, see our CEO Philip Cohen speak about digital display media on Friday at 1:30pm, or join us on our Friday Night Gateway Clipper cruise. We also look forward to meeting lots of people through the various networking opportunities.

When we meet, here’s 5 things we want to talk to you about. Be sure to ask us these questions:

I. What have you learned in over 30 years of working in display media and patient education that you bring into cannabis?

CMN Holdings Inc got its start in veterinarian’s offices, ob-gyn offices, and in the offices of other medical professionals before its foray into cannabis. Ask us what observations we saw in our previous work that made us turn to cannabis.

II. Who are cannabis education programs neglecting to reach?

CMN’s content is not just about placing stuff up on a screen. We take the principles of design, vocabulary, learning styles, retention, and customer enticement into consideration while building our programming. We know that not everyone learns and takes information into their brains in the same way, and we build our programming to be accommodating to all who are interested in learning about cannabis.

III. What’s the cost to have CMN’s digital signage in my office or dispensary?

This is an answer you’ll really like. Before you start to see what’s available in your budget for display media, find out why we offer display media for patient education at NO COST to our partners.

IV. Who are some of CMN’s partners?

We’ll be excited to tell people about our partnership with Compassionate Certification Centers, the hosts of this event. Through this, we are bringing cannabis education to tens of thousands of cannabis users across Pennsylvania. We are eager to expand into different legal cannabis spaces across North America.

V. What’s on the horizon?

Our CEO Philip has been jet setting across America as he makes partnerships, stays dedicated to his learning and professional development, and develops new content for cannabis education. Be sure to ask the team what’s in development, and what the future plans are for CMN Holdings Inc. We’re growing, rapidly, and we’re excited to share how with our partners and the greater cannabis community.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend in Pittsburgh – happy learning and networking!