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Celebrating CMN Holdings’ Collaboration with Compassionate Certification Centers

Celebrating CMN Holdings’ Collaboration with Compassionate Certification Centers

The strength of the cannabis industry lies in our ability to recognize common interests, join resources, and add to the growing industry of medical cannabis through thoughtful partnerships and collaborations.

CMN Holdings is proud to announce a new partnership that will advance the role of cannabis education while individuals are gaining access to medical cannabis when they most need it.

Late last year, CMN Holdings signed a partnership with Compassionate Certification Centers that will significantly expand the reach of CMN Holdings in delivering advanced cannabis education programming to the offices of medical cannabis prescribing doctors in the state of Pennsylvania.

Compassionate Certification Centers is a physician-owned company of medical marijuana doctors who are dedicated to helping patients in Pennsylvania, and across the nation, who need medical cannabis. Their goal isn’t only to help people obtain medical marijuana cards, but also to raise the level of treatment patients receive in-office while engaging in these processes.

This is where CMN Holdings comes in. We’ve joined forces with Compassionate Certification Centers to enhance the level of treatment through cannabis education while patients wait for their meeting with their marijuana doctor.

The Importance of Cannabis Education

CMN Holdings has been a leader in digital display media since the 1980s when CEO Philip Cohen recognized that wait times in various clinical settings offered the opportunity to impart important information to patients. Beginning in veterinary offices, then moving to medical doctors and other health practitioners, CMN’s approach proved to be beneficial, both reducing perceived wait time in-office and providing a level of education that effectively increases patient literacy before a medical appointment.

With cannabis legalization sweeping across the nation, CMN saw that there was a significant gap in cannabis education, and recognized medical marijuana doctors and cannabis dispensaries as an ideal location for display media for educational purposes. CMN Holdings has now expanded to Cannabis Lifestyle Network (CLN), which engages medical marijuana patients in informative videos and educational information connecting cannabis with lifestyle.

CMN’s approach to cannabis education is highly collaborative when programming display media channels within medical cannabis settings. Our approach to programming with Compassionate Certification Centers will involve writing scripts and tailoring content directly to what the CCC doctors want their patients to know. Then, through engaging content such as our cannabis-infusions series with chef Jacko the Barbarian, cannabis lifestyle practitioner Katie Grey, patients learn how to connect cannabis to their everyday lives.

A Glimpse at Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program

Pennsylvania is one of the newer states to offer medical marijuana, with the program being officially signed into law in April 2016. Last reported, there were over 10,000 Pennsylvanians who have registered to obtain their medical marijuana cards, many of these registrants signing on within the first week of medical marijuana legalization.

The list of qualifying medical conditions for medical marijuana is quite extensive, covering many medical conditions deemed severe, debilitating or life-threatening. While Compassionate Certification Centers focus on connecting patients with medical marijuana cards, the company also offers many resources for medical patients as well as recommended cannabis dispensaries.

CMN Holdings looks forward to a strong collaboration with Compassionate Certification Centers in 2018, tailoring cannabis education to the needs and interests of the thousands of Pennsylvanians using, or exploring, medical marijuana.

Enhance Your Office Through Cannabis Education

Interested in exploring a collaboration with CMN Holdings for your medical marijuana office or cannabis dispensary? Connect with us through our website or at 1-855-426-6881 to discuss how we can collaborate to provide you and your patients advanced cannabis education display media.