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Compassionate Care Certification Centers Opens in Butler County, Advancing Legal Access for Pennsylvanians

Compassionate Care Certification Centers Opens in Butler County, Advancing Legal Access for Pennsylvanians

It’s a new day for the almost 200,000 Pennsylvanians who will gain legal access to medical marijuana through medical marijuana certifications.

Compassionate Care Certification Centers just cut the ribbon on a new branch in Butler County, increasing the reach of the medical center that has contributed to a huge advancement in access to legal cannabis for Pennsylvanians.

The new branch in Butler, PA adds to the growing number of locations across Pennsylvania that employs doctors to help patients get medical marijuana certification. With these certifications, medical cannabis patients can visit a dispensary to gain access to legal medical cannabis to treat one of the 17 qualifying conditions for cannabis certification.

CMN’s Role in Compassionate Care Certification Center Cannabis Education

CMN Holdings prides itself on our partnership with Compassionate Care Certification Centers as we work with the locations to bring cannabis education and display media to the visiting patients.

We provide engaging cannabis content that shows the visitors to the Center various ways that they can incorporate cannabis into their lifestyle. We highlight features like Katie Grey’s CannaSpa, which helps people infuse cannabis into their wellness and beauty routines. Jacko the Barbarian provides an exciting commentary and how-to guide on bringing cannabis to the kitchen, showing cannabis patients the power of infused-food to treat symptoms of medical issues.

We also recognize that there are diverse needs and literacy levels in terms of how people get their information about cannabis, and work with Compassionate Certification Centers to reach those Pennsylvanians who fit into the 34 million Americans who cannot read.

The efforts of CCC and their focus on access for medical cannabis is one way that the state is trying to curb the current opioid crisis, that happened through lack of education and believing that pain medications are the only way to pain management. CCC seeks to make a dent in the statistics for the state.

Pennsylvania as a Hub for Medical Cannabis

Pennsylvania is emerging strong as a state to watch as they bring forward important discourses on medical cannabis. This year, the Compassionate Care Certification Centers will bring thousands to the state for the 2018 World Medical Conference & Expo to talk about the ways cannabis is changing health.

One of the big features of this conference is the impressive list of guest speakers, including CMN Holdings’ CEO Philip Cohen, who will talk about the growing presence of digital display media as patient education for the medical cannabis community on the national level.

There’s a significant presence from the athletic community this year, with the likes of Darren McCarty (NHL) and Todd Herremans (NFL) coming out in support for medical cannabis for athletes.

Watch for PA to Become a New Cannabis State

Pennsylvania has been quieter in their cannabis progress in comparison to other legalizing states, yet Pennsylvania’s contribution to cannabis will be a big one. It’s a new day for Pennsylvania in terms of cannabis. With the recent opening of the Compassionate Care Certification Centers, the advanced approach they are taking to cannabis education with CMN Holdings, and the hosting of the 2018 World Medical Conference & Expo, April 14-16, 2018 in Pennsylvania will serve as a strong state to model the way for emergent medical cannabis states.