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Countdown to World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo: Spotlight on CMN’s Partnership with Compassionate Certification Centers

Countdown to World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo: Spotlight on CMN’s Partnership with Compassionate Certification Centers

We’re mere days away from April 12-14, when we’ll join thousands of cannabis industry leaders, dispensary owners, and cannabis doctors from around the world in Pittsburgh, PA for World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo.

CMN Holdings Inc. has highlighted our important partnership with Compassionate Certification Centers, the hosts of World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo over the last few months on our own site as critical to our own growth. We value this partnership as we mutually seek to advance the role of cannabis education in legal medical cannabis. As such, we’re recognizing the April event as a critical unveiling of what we have to offer the medical cannabis community.

Please join us in Pittsburgh through some of the following avenues that will demonstrate why Compassionate Certification Center has chosen to partner with CMN Holdings, and why we hold our partnership with CCC of high value:

See Our CEO & Chairman Speak Patient Education

On the afternoon of Friday, April 13, our CEO and Chairman Philip Cohen joins the schedule of speakers with his talk about Patient Education and Digital Screens. His talk is based on the very real fact that digital screens can be seen in every type of customer-facing business, where you shop, where you bank, at quick-serve restaurants, movie theaters, college campuses, airports, hospitals and in doctor’s offices.

What makes digital screens so effective is that they are used to communicate information to specialized audiences in specific locations in customer-facing businesses, most often at point of purchase, and this is where it’s relevant for the cannabis industry. Hear about how CMN Holdings is using display media to transform patient education in the cannabis industry.

CMN Sponsored Gateway Clipper Cruise

Start the weekend right on Friday, April 13, when we invite guests of the World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo to join CMN Holdings aboard the Gateway Clipper Cruise, sponsored by CMN Holdings Inc.

Take a tour of the awesome city of Pittsburgh along the famed Three Rivers of the “Steel City”. The cruise runs from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm on Friday, April 13.

The event includes a three-course meal, live music, and entertainment. During this cruise, our CEO and Chairman Philip Cohen will talk about how CMN is transforming cannabis education through display media in dispensaries and cannabis doctor waiting rooms. More information on tickets and pricing can be found at

The night promises to be an event to remember and an opportunity to network with like-minded and new faces of the cannabis industry.

See Why CCC is Our Valued Partner

Despite being the hosts of the World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo, participants of the events will benefit greatly from hearing from the team about their approach to cannabis medicine.

We entered into our partnership with CCC, recognizing the critical opportunity to not only enter a strongly emerging cannabis market, but to help CCC be a leader in their state, and across the nation, to their approach to cannabis education.

Our display media partnership is only one thing we hope you learn about CCC. Take the time to hear from CCC’s CEO Dr. Bryan Doner as he speaks about “Second Class Citizens? How Cannabis Consumers Continue to Face Prejudices and What They Can Do About It”, continuing to tackle important issues facing cannabis access.

Use networking opportunities to and meet other crucial CCC representatives like COO and Co-Founder Melonie Kotchey to hear about the unique vision for the CCC.

Visit Our Booth

We love to tell our story online and through our blogs, but truly we feel we make the best impact face to face when we can demonstrate to doctors and dispensaries WHY display media is a crucial part of their business.

The CMN Staff will be at the expo portion of the event in booths 204 & 206 and participants will be able to view demos of our engaging cannabis media and talk to us about how they can get display media in their space at NO COST to them.

Help Us Develop Our Content

CMN relies on advertisers who are eager to showcase their products to medical cannabis users to make all this possible. Without our advertisers, we wouldn’t be able to provide cannabis education via display media at no cost to cannabis doctors and dispensaries.

We also are eager to hear about your insights on patient literacy, cannabis education, and what dispensaries, cannabis doctors, and their supports can do to bring the most relevant topics to patients via display media.

Let’s Meet!

Don’t forget to register for the April 13 Gateway Clipper Cruise and make a priority to meet CMN Holdings at the World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo. We are counting down the days to Pittsburgh, we have a list of people we are eager to meet, and we are looking forward to seeing how inspired conversations can bring on new partnerships. See you soon!