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Recreational Cannabis in California: What It Means for Cannabis Education

Recreational Cannabis in California: What It Means for Cannabis Education

This year marked a monumental occasion in the legal cannabis movement when recreational marijuana became legalized on January 1 in the state of California.

As the market and the municipal guidelines and regulations adjust to this new reality of legal recreational cannabis, early revenue projections for the state range from $9.1 billion to upwards of $20.2 billion per year.

This represents a huge number of people getting their hands on legal marijuana than ever before in the state, and a gigantic expansion of the legal cannabis market.

Are Users Ready for Cannabis Access?

With recreational cannabis being the new reality in California and more states across the country, what does this mean for medical cannabis and patient education?

CMN Holdings prides itself on being a leader in cannabis education as we partner with dispensaries across the nation to leverage digital display media as a form of patient education. As certain states embark on the new frontier of recreational cannabis, we continue to value and elevate the role of medical cannabis is modern health care.

What are some principles of cannabis education that recreational dispensaries can implement into their dispensaries? CMN Holdings offers the following tips:

Educate about the Uses of Cannabis

Recreational cannabis sales present an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of cannabis education available within the medical and lifestyle space.

As we demonstrate through our engaging video cannabis content, cannabis can be easily integrated into everyday lifestyle to promote overall health, well-being, and even beauty. In addition to patient education topics like arthritis and sleep apnea. CMN Holdings creates content like Barbarian Kitchen featuring the cooking talents of cannabis chef Jacko the Barbarian to make delicious cannabis-infused recipes, and CannaSpa’s Katie Grey to show how cannabis can be used in everyday wellness and beauty.

Cannabis dispensaries shouldn’t just supply the cannabis; they should embrace the opportunity to promote cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle through their cannabis education programs.

Appeal to Different Learning Needs & Preferences

Cannabis education isn’t just about placing just information in any kind of format in your display media. It’s about first being clear for your vision of cannabis and targeting your information to the needs and interests of your client.

When you get to know your client through your analytics and the data they present through your point of sale systems and your in-store interactions, you can tailor your cannabis education to them. Meet them where they are, rather than where you think they should be.

Understand that people take in information through different ways and use different information-dissemination strategies to present information. Some people are visual learners and rely on text and diagrams. Some are more aural and need to hear information in order to take it in.

Don’t take the “one size fits all” approach to your cannabis digital display media, and curate your content to ensure it reaches who you want it to in the right ways.

Curate Content for New & Seasoned Users

2018 will be the year that new demographics emerge as cannabis users with cannabis becoming more socially accepted and legal access appealing to their curiosities. Those accessing legal cannabis may be seasoned users, or be accessing cannabis for the first time.

Cannabis education content should be curated so to appeal to different ages and stages of cannabis experience. With a focus on medical cannabis, CMN Holdings’ content is curated to appeal to new users exploring the medical uses of cannabis, while extending our content to show seasoned users the various applications cannabis has for lifestyle.

CMN Holdings Leading the Way in Curated Cannabis Education Content

CMN was founded from 30 years of providing in-office display media education programs across the country. Our processes of content curation within the cannabis space ensures that scripts, videos, and educational information is matched directly to the needs and interests of the clients.

Cannabis education must accompany cannabis access. It’s been the responsibility of the medicinal cannabis community since medical cannabis became legal across some U.S. states, and the responsibility should carry into recreational cannabis.