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Showcasing Cannabis Lifestyle Network, CMN Holdings’ Premier Cannabis Content Channel

Showcasing Cannabis Lifestyle Network, CMN Holdings’ Premier Cannabis Content Channel

Imagine being able to show how to make infused cannabis oil in your medical cannabis office, or how to use CBD Oil to improve the health of your hair right in your dispensary?

This is what is possible, and more, for the cannabis doctors and dispensaries across the nation that partner with CMN Holdings for patient education. By placing one of our $8” screens within their space at no cost to them, cannabis patients at doctors’ offices and dispensaries access one-of-a-kind programming from Cannabis Lifestyle Network, that is designed to educate and inform the cannabis user about all the potential uses for cannabis.

We’ve carefully curated our video content from the Cannabis Lifestyle Network to reflect the needs of everyday cannabis users. We have access to the top experts to demonstrate the various uses of cannabis for medical purposes, for beauty and wellness, and to infuse into delicious recipes.

CMN Holdings Inc. is proud to present our three features of the Cannabis Lifestyle Network that sets us apart in patient education and display media in legal medical cannabis settings:

Cannabis Food Infusions with Jacko the Barbarian

Jacko the Barbarian adds his colorful personality, enthusiasm about cannabis, and some of the most mouth-watering dishes in culinary culture to Cannabis Lifestyle Network through his short, infused-cooking videos. Known for his travel around the nation on his motorcycle visiting some of the top dispensaries to bring cannabis cooking to the masses, Jacko the Barbarian shares some of the following recipes through Cannabis Lifestyle Network:

Patients and dispensary visitors who are purchasing or exploring cannabis oils that are meant for edible infusions are able to see directly in office, or in store, the many ways their oils can be used, beyond the old “pot brownie”.

Jacko the Barbarian’s creative style, humor, and enthusiasm for everything he’s cooking are guaranteed educational entertainment or “edutainment” for customers to add to their cannabis experience and cannabis literacy.

CannaSpa with Katie Grey

Beauty Expert Katie Grey teams up with CMN Holdings through Cannabis Lifestyle Network’s CannaSpa, which shows everyday cannabis users how to apply cannabis to their health and wellness. Examples of CannaSpa programming includes:

Katie Grey takes an educational approach to showing you the practical uses for cannabis. She thoughtfully explains the benefits of each approach to health and wellness and how cannabis and CBD interact with the human body. You’ll gain numerous ideas for the topical uses of cannabis through CannaSpa’s guidance, showing you how to make products on your own, or use your purchased products in their most optimal way.

Medical Cannabis Information

Our own CMN representatives have curated various videos that explain common medical issues, the emerging research on them, and how cannabis is being used to treat the symptoms of many diseases and conditions. We curate information related to:

We ensure that the message delivered by CMN through our Cannabis Lifestyle medical cannabis information is clear, accurate, and is presented in a way that is accessible to all viewers.

Get Cannabis Lifestyle Network in Your Dispensary or Office

Bringing content like these videos from Jacko the Barbarian, CannaSpa, and CMN’s medical representatives to your cannabis patients and customers serve various functions:

Connect with us today to discuss how you can get a high-quality 48” digital screen with some of the best-curated content in cannabis right in your office or dispensary AT NO COST!