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Spotlight on Vermont: A Unique State for Cannabis Legalization

Spotlight on Vermont: A Unique State for Cannabis Legalization

Recently the news was ablaze as Vermont announced that it would be a state that would break away from the oppressive federal laws regarding medical marijuana and join the 8 states making change for recreational marijuana.

It’s important to note that this move is somewhat of an anomaly within the medical and recreational cannabis spaces.

Vermont is one of the pioneer states of legal medical cannabis, making the move to medical legalization in 2004 with a number of other states that began the green rush. Earlier this year, it became the first state in the nation to change the legislation at the swipe of a pen (not a vote) on recreational marijuana.

While the states move made no indication towards a future of recreational sales in the state of Vermont, it did join legal states by making possession and growing of recreational cannabis legal.

Why is this Significant?

The change in legislation was a surrounding by controversy, with Governor Phil Scott signing House Bill 511 into law “with mixed emotions”, recognizing that this move was not a go-ahead for cannabis use, but rather to prevent criminal implications of recreational use.

Since the move was made by a House Bill, and not voted upon through ballot initiatives, it’s more of a technical change for legal status than a real positive move to accept the possible economic and societal benefits of recreational cannabis. There is no indication that the Governor will move to “tax and regulate adult-use” marijuana.

Vermont’s Medical Marijuana Program

Despite the confusion around the recent legislative shift, Vermont’s medical marijuana program still remains in operation, yet rather conservatively compared to other legalized medical states.

Marijuana for medicinal purposes legalized in 2004 for people with debilitating illnesses and in 2011, the state was permitted to open 4 legal dispensaries. To be eligible for cannabis for medical purposes, patients must register with the Vermont Marijuana Registry and it must come after being diagnosed with a bona fide debilitating medical condition and prescribed by a medical physician.

Vermont isn’t really a trailblazer when it comes to cannabis culture, lifestyle, or providing the outstanding cannabis dispensary experience, but it does show opportunities for increased cannabis education.

Cannabis Education in Vermont

When the patient is given more information about cannabis and its potential uses, they become empowered to be agents in their own experience and are more likely to be vocal about their cannabis needs.

Vermont is a state where cannabis can now be freely enjoyed, but the relative hesitance of the Governor around adult-use or recreational use legalization shows that there’s an opportunity for increased cannabis literacy in the state.

By connecting cannabis education, display media, and other forms of patient literacy initiatives, the cannabis movement becomes strengthened.

Opportunity to Partner for Cannabis Education

CMN Holdings Inc has been an important partner and presence in the waiting rooms of cannabis doctors and in cannabis dispensaries for years, and we are constantly looking for new opportunities for the cannabis community to embrace our FREE education program.

If you’re a cannabis advocate in Vermont, connect with CMN Holdings today to discuss how we can bring customized cannabis education and lifestyle content to your cannabis dispensary or doctor’s office waiting room.