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5 Compelling Reasons for Display Media Patient Education in Cannabis Doctors’ Offices

5 Compelling Reasons for Display Media Patient Education in Cannabis Doctors’ Offices

As a company, we’ve been providing information and patient education to visitors of doctors’ offices for over 30 years.

We gained a strong foothold in medical practices by placing relevant and empowering information into the offices of veterinarians, pediatricians and Ob/Gyns through display media. Our efforts and collaborations helped these doctors deliver specialized information to their patients, and enhance the overall experience of the visit.

Through CMN Holdings Inc. and our sister network Cannabis Lifestyle Network, we are now bringing top-quality patient education content to compassionate care offices across the nation. We believe that patient education is an essential component of legal access to cannabis, and we stand alongside doctors to deliver high-quality programming in their offices, at no-cost to them.

Here are 5 compelling ways a compassionate care doctor can significantly enhance their delivery of medical cannabis and patient literacy through CMN Holdings’ display media programming:

1. Reach ALL patients, regardless of literacy or language

One of the downfalls of many patient literacy programs is that they fail to be inclusive of people with all literacy levels and languages. 32 million American adults can’t read. 21% of American adults read below a 5th grade level.

These statistics don’t even account for people of other languages. Recent estimates show that 1 in 5 Americans don’t speak English at home. Of that group, 41% admit they do not speak English very well.

We are greatly underserving a large portion of our nation if we limit patient education to words on a screen, website, or pamphlet.

People need a variety of formats to take on information, including video. CMN Holdings products engaging video content that is accessible to ALL, so that no cannabis patient leaves without sufficient patient education when visiting their cannabis doctor.

2. Replacing “I saw it on the internet” with accurate information

We live in an “I saw it on the internet” culture, that believes that anything they stumble upon on the world wide web is accurate. A lot of the times, this false information can be damaging to people and the cannabis industry. The medical cannabis industry has a duty to replace this inaccurate, and false information with accurate, real, and empowering patient education.

The content created by CMN Holdings is collaborative, researched, and based on information from specialists within the cannabis field. We deliver only the most recent, most relevant, and vetted information to cannabis patients. We attempt to clear up the “I saw it on the internet” mentality to show consumers the importance of accurate information and research on substances they introduce into their bodies, such as THC and CBD.

3. Enhancing the overall experience of a doctor’s visit

Let’s face it, even if it’s for cannabis, no one likes a visit to the doctor. People can get a bit anxious and time in the waiting room feels like its drawn out. People need an effective distraction.

CMN Holdings’ content replaces boredom with empowerment. In fact, 94% of those who experienced our patient education programming said it enhanced their experience at the doctor.

Most reported that 5 minutes didn’t feel like 30 minutes like it usually does while waiting for a doctor. The informative and engaging content made 5 minutes seem like 2 minutes.

Patients could gain the language to speak with their doctor about their issues, and the doctors were able to provide patients with a literacy base about cannabis as a foundation for their visit. A true win-win for everyone.

4. Education increases compliance

Compliance with the state laws around legal cannabis is key when it comes to the privilege of accessing cannabis for medical purposes. These compliance regulations include purchase limits, growing limits, and regulations in regard to possession.

Doctors can significantly fulfill their role in providing information about compliance to their patients through our patient education so that the patient understands the limits and privileges surrounding legal cannabis.

Though this valuable information, the whole cannabis ecosystem is strengthened as information is spread around cannabis compliance and safe and responsible use.

5. It’s at NO-COST to Doctors

Installing CMN Holdings’ Display Media in your office is at NO COST to you. In fact, doctors who partner with us don’t even need to lift a finger when it comes to the maintenance, programming, and upkeep of the display media system. We install it, program it, and the system is run on software, so it turns on and off according to your office hours. We just ask you call us if there are any malfunctions or you want to change up some of the programming.

Connect with CMN Holdings today to see how a partnership with us can provide all the above benefits and more, as you become a leader in providing compassionate care through legal medical cannabis in your state.

Click here to see our CEO and Chairman Philip Cohen talk about display media in doctors offices.

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Philip M. Cohen is CEO of CMN Holdings, Inc. and their subsidiaries, Cannabis Medical Network, a digital media network airing in cannabis doctors waiting rooms and Cannabis Lifestyle Network, airing in dispensary waiting rooms. Phil has operated a dozen ad supported digital signage networks in doctor offices and at retail since 1985 and is a past Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation.