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Advantages of Dispensary and Cannabis Clinic Display Media for Cannabis Brands

Advantages of Dispensary and Cannabis Clinic Display Media for Cannabis Brands

Everyone in the cannabis industry agrees that one of the greatest challenges for most cannabis brands is marketing and advertising. CMN Holdings Inc. has a solution for cannabis brands that are looking to get their products in front of the eyes of cannabis patients who could benefit from them.

CMN partners with cannabis doctors and dispensaries across legal states in the USA, providing cannabis lifestyle content, patient literacy, and product advertisements right into the spaces where legal cannabis is accessed.

Our entertaining and educational display media programming helps reduce perceived patient wait times, increases literacy on medical cannabis, and helps the doctors introduce aspects of the medical cannabis process to their patients. This includes cannabis products.

Here are some important reasons cannabis brands and companies should connect with CMN Holdings for effective marketing and advertising solutions:

Ads are Strategically Placed within Content

While being entertained and educated, CMN thoughtfully integrated advertisements for cannabis products into their video content rather than bombarding customers with ad after ad.

Our curated ads are placed where appropriate, before and after our entertaining cannabis programming that ranges from CannaSpa beauty tips, to medical cannabis information, to Jacko the Barbarian showing how to do cannabis edible infusions.

When ads are strategically placed, customers are more likely not only to be enticed towards a purchase but induced to putting that item into their basket.

Matching Cannabis Products with Dosage & Consumption Recommendations

Cannabis doctors will usually have a suggestion on the method of consumption, dosage, and timing of their patient’s cannabis use. Doctors can rely on products and advertisements that display in their store on large screens to show cannabis patients some options for cannabis accessories, cannabis product brands, and other important products that will enhance their medical cannabis experience.

In this way, cannabis brands are offered the opportunity to work with doctors for effective cannabis education to hone in on some of the best products that will produce the best results with medical cannabis.

Upselling at the Point of Sale

You see it all the time in stores: the candy bar effect. It’s placing products right in front of your eyes just moments before you’re going to be making a purchase. Digital signage, when placed strategically close to registers will entice customers to ask questions about the products they see directly to the budtender dispensary technician.

This opens up the opportunity for upselling and driving more sales through thoughtful dialogue based on questions.

Cannabis dispensaries are usually clean, sleek and aren’t littered with tons of products at the register a la stores like Old Navy or Walmart. This is where digital signage is an effective solution for brands to induce the candy bar effect, without overwhelming the customer or space with products.

Connect with CMN Today to Discuss Product Advertising

CMN is looking for cannabis brands to help us deliver important content and advertising to cannabis patients. Through this, we help doctors with their product recommendations, enhance the exposure of cannabis brands, and help cannabis patients have the best experience with medical cannabis.

Connect with us through our website, or by calling 1-855-426-6881. We look forward to working to promote some of the best brands in cannabis.