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Cannabis Medical Network

Educating & Entertaining the waiting customers of Physician Offices

We produce client / patient / customer education videos to air in the waiting rooms of cannabis recommending doctors offices.

With the demand of the cannabis market increasing yearly, savvy cannabis-centric advertisers want to spend their money wisely.

CMN Holdings, Inc. has over 30 years’ experience in managing advertising from some of the top advertising agencies in main stream media. With the crossover to the cannabis market, our vast industry knowledge can be put to work for you. Reaching your target audience directly in doctors’ offices’ waiting rooms.

Whether you need to build your brand, establish yourself as a thought leader or make meaningful connections, align your business with the most powerful digital network in the cannabis industry.

The Cannabis Medical Network (CMN) is the only place-based digital signage TV network programmed exclusively for compassionate care doctors’ offices prescribing medical cannabis. CMN content is produced to educate, inform and entertain with the result being to reduce the viewers perceived wait time while simultaneously increasing medical compliance.


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