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5 Cannabis-Infused Beauty Recipes to Try Now

5 Cannabis-Infused Beauty Recipes to Try Now

If you haven’t heard about the benefits of cannabis, particularly cannabidiol CBD for beauty and wellness, you may be missing out on a big part of how people are using cannabis to improve their health and well being.

CMN is proud to feature Cannabis Lifestyle Network, host to CannaSpa, with beauty specialist Katie Grey. Katie shares with viewers of CMN’s digital display patient education content some incredible ways to use cannabis for beauty and wellness.

While the information delivered by Katie Grey during her CannaSpa sessions is exclusive to cannabis patients and dispensary visitors, we have for our followers a sneak peek into CannaSpa to show you just a bit of the content we’re placing in legal cannabis spaces.

Ready to turn your home into your own cannabis-infused spa? Here are some incredible ways that beauty specialists like CMN’s CannaSpa’s Katie Grey are using cannabis as a beauty supplement for hair, body, and cosmetics:

Cannabis for Hair

Especially if you live in sunny climates, or like to spend a lot of time out in the sun during summer months, hair can get damaged through too much sun exposure. In order to reverse the damage caused by sun and other elements, Katie Grey walks CannaSpa viewers through how to use cannabis tinctures, essential oils, and castile soap to create a restorative shampoo containing CBD.

Some men and women struggle with thinning hair or want to get the most body out of their hair and have tried dozens of solutions and methods to stimulate hair growth. What if cannabis could help you grow thicker hair? Katie Grey walks CannaSpa viewers through a recipe to make a hair growth stimulation solution using CBD tinctures and common items you can find at your home that will turn your locks from dry, dull and thin; to full, long and flowing.

Cannabis for Body

Do you struggle with bumps and irritation when you shave? Perhaps its because you’re not using the right shaving cream. As CannaSpa’s Katie Grey indicates, having the right shaving cream is just as important as having the right razor. Viewers of CannaSpa are treated to a recipe for shaving cream containing cannabis oil, grapeseed oil castile soap, and other essential ingredients. The results you see are a smooth, restorative shave that lets your skin glow both on your face and on your body.

Keeping your skin youthful involves using antioxidants and exfoliants to give your skin a polished glow. CannaSpa viewers get a recipe for a CBD oil body scrub using coconut oil, salt or sugar, CBD oil and essential oil. It’s aromatic, cleansing, and rejuvenating for your skin. CBD oil provides the most nutrients and antioxidants rich component of this beautiful luxurious body scrub.

Cannabis for a Beauty Boost

Dry, cracked lips are a reality for a lot of people, caused by a lot of factors including sunburn, dry climates or dehydration. Katie Grey shows CannaSpa viewers how to create a lip mask and a lip plumper using a mixture of CBD tinctures and essential oils and other awesome ingredients that create a contouring and plumping effect. What results is a deep, restorative treatment for your lips and a sexy pout that you can’t get with some of the most expensive lip treatments in the cosmetics market.

Eager for More?

You’ll have to check out some more of the videos on our Cannabis Lifestyle Network YouTube Page, where you can view some of the additional content available for those who partner with us. This is just a small taste of the content that we develop to place in cannabis doctor’s offices and dispensaries to spread education, and inform people on the ways cannabis can be integrated into your everyday lifestyle and wellness regimen.

If you’re a cannabis doctor or dispensary owner eager to spread cannabis education like this in your waiting room or through display media in your store, connect with us to discuss how we can install this content in your space at NO COST to you!


Philip M. Cohen is CEO of CMN Holdings, Inc. and their subsidiaries, Cannabis Medical Network, a digital media network airing in cannabis doctors waiting rooms and Cannabis Lifestyle Network, airing in dispensary waiting rooms. Phil has operated a dozen ad supported digital signage networks in doctor offices and at retail since 1985 and is a past Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation.