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Essential Components of an Effective Digital Media Strategy for Cannabis Education

Essential Components of an Effective Digital Media Strategy for Cannabis Education

CMN Holdings has experience providing education in the offices of medical practitioners for over 30 years. Our work is based on recognizing opportunities for patient education while finding effective ways to engage them in an effective retail experience through display media.

When CMN Holdings began integrating digital display media and cannabis education into the cannabis space, it was at the behest of cannabis doctors. They recognized the need to help reduce perceived patient wait times while increasing patient literacy around cannabis through various formats that engage the cannabis patient. We saw opportunities for advertisers to reach customers about some of the products that are designed to enhance their health and wellness. It is a win-win for everyone involved, and it’s this approach that has gotten us into cannabis doctors offices and dispensaries across the country.

Here are a few essential components of an effective digital media strategy that our experience has taught us that we bring into the cannabis space through CMN Holdings’ services:

Know the Difference Between Inducement and Enticement

An important strategy often overlooked by digital marketing companies is knowing the difference between inducement and enticement.

Enticement uses digital display strategies to attract the customer to your project, where you’re arousing a feeling of desire or enticement towards a certain product. Inducement takes enticement a step further by bringing about the actions that drive you towards the next transaction.

CMN Holdings works with dispensaries to bring cannabis users past enticement to induce an interest to purchase more products through highlighting more beneficial uses for cannabis. For instance, if a patient is visiting a medical dispensary that is showing Cannabis Lifestyle Network’s CannaSpa’s Katie Grey demonstrating how CBD oil balms can reduce muscle soreness, and may induce the customer to explore products to make DIY topicals or some of the in-store offerings for cannabis topicals.

Using display media and educational content, you have helped raise the value of the market basket using the strategy of inducement.

Understand How People Take in Information

Displaying effective content isn’t just about throwing as much messaging as you can up on a screen, hoping your customer will stop to read it. Instead, it’s taking a deep look into the mechanisms of the brain that help, or hinder, the ways people take in information.

Advertisers often use split screens or scrolling messages to try to get as much information into one space possible. It was recently demonstrated that there is a reduction of memory recall on ads that use split screens by 44%. A scroll across message reduced recall by 31%. Effective display media relies on ensuring you have the right content strategy for your audience and ensuring that you’re delivering information in line with how people’s brains are best set up to receive it.

Leverage Dispensary Spaces for Cannabis Education

Along with providing cannabis doctors and dispensaries with a commercial-grade 48” monitor to display in the busiest part of their dispensary for cannabis education, we recognize other forms of display media as critical to inform your customer.

Digital menu boards, installed in addition to the Cannabis Lifestyle Network programming provided by CMN Holdings, will allow dispensaries to use their menu boards to display their products effectively to their customers. Every 8 minutes, the menu board morphs to include commercials for products that match what they’ve learned about cannabis through display media education.

It’s a win-win involved. Cannabis patients and customers are getting the information and cannabis education they need, while cannabis doctors and dispensaries are able to show customers their available products to increase the size of their baskets.

Inform Your Customer, Increase Your Profit

By engaging with CMN Holdings Inc, you can’t go wrong. You are ensured that your patient is accessing high-quality cannabis information through our carefully curated content while allowing space for advertisers to showcase products that increase your bottom line.

If you’re a medical dispensary owner or cannabis doctor interested in leveraging display media as an effective way to spread cannabis education and increase purchase within your business, contact CMN Holdings today. We’ll discuss how at no cost to you, you can bring some of the most advanced programming to your customers, increasing the overall efficacy of your business.

See our CEO and Chairman Philip Cohen discuss the benefits of digital display media in cannabis here.


Philip M. Cohen is CEO of CMN Holdings, Inc. and their subsidiaries, Cannabis Medical Network, a digital media network airing in cannabis doctors waiting rooms and Cannabis Lifestyle Network, airing in dispensary waiting rooms. Phil has operated a dozen ad supported digital signage networks in doctor offices and at retail since 1985 and is a past Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation.